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Summer 2017

Summer Diaries: Fuzzy Logix

June 26, 2017
- Deept Mahendiratta

Making it there

Selection Process: Fuzzy Logix has a well-defined selection process. The company usually comes for campus selections and opens for all branches. For the first time, online tests were conducted for shortlisting this year. The first step consisted of the selection of students with a CGPA greater than 7 for the online test. Then, after resume-shortlisting with preference being given to students with a CGPA of 8 and above, interviews were conducted.

Rounds: The first round was the online test containing 10 basic aptitude questions, 10 simple questions based on C/C++ (mainly syntax related) and a very basic coding question. After the first round, around 55 students were selected for the personal interview round.

For the interview, two panels, one for the technical interview and one for the HR interview, were created and the two interviews were carried out in different rooms. In the technical interview, difficult questions were asked on coding and probability and we were grilled based on our technical knowledge. On the other hand, the HR interview was based on an interaction with the panel with discussions that revolved around our resume. Some basic C++ programming, Object Oriented questions, and a few puzzles were also asked. If you can interact well, explain properly what you have done throughout your college life and present your achievements, your work here is done! A total of 8 people were selected for the internship after the interview round.



Details about the firm: ​Fuzzy Logix has two main corporate offices, one located in Charlotte, North Carolina and one in Bangalore. Fuzzy Logix develops libraries and functions for various data warehouses like Netezza, TeraData, TeraData Aster, Oracle Exadata etc. The company is basically focused on In-Database Analytics i.e. performing the analytics inside the data warehouse itself, without having to extract the data for analysis. The company is expanding and has also begun providing analytics services to its clients.

Aim of the internship: The aim of the internship was to get us well acquainted with the work that Fuzzy Logix is involved in. No specific prerequisites were needed. We were taught the basic languages and softwares that Fuzzy Logix uses during our first-week induction program at the company. We were then allotted various projects in groups of two on the basis of the languages we knew beforehand. More or less, the work involved the testing, debugging and documentation of already built functions.

Work culture at the firm: The work culture at Fuzzy Logix is quite cool and similar to that of a startup. There are flexible working hours which range between 10 am to 7 pm. No predefined seating arrangement is followed; we are allowed to sit wherever we wish to work. There is a table tennis table and a well-equipped pantry. We can eat or play anytime we wish to as long as we are not required to work. We just have to make sure that the assigned project is completed before the deadline. The company requires you to wear formals to work except on Fridays. In short, Fuzzy Logix follows a culture similar to that of a startup and hardly that of a corporate. The best part of being in Fuzzy Logix is that you get to work with your seniors and friends from IIT Roorkee and IIT Kanpur.

Summing up

Experience gained: ​I learned a lot about various languages used specifically for Data Science and also got an insight of the important functions used. We are also allowed to attend various team meetings so that we could get an insight of how the work is carried out in an IT firm. Overall, it was a great experience for a person like me, who had no background in coding. The mentors and people around helped me from scratch and cleared the silliest of my doubts.


Advice to people gunning for it: Though the work at the internship might get redundant after a while, it’s the foundation of the work done at Fuzzy Logix that you learn during your internship. You learn the basics of Data Science and see how various functions work.The work for interns basically revolves around the development, testing, debugging and documentation in various data analytics platforms. Work done at Fuzzy Logix is quite different from that at a conventional IT firm and that’s what makes it more interesting. You may be expecting that there would be a lot of Data Science, so you may get upset on this front as most of the interns are made to work mainly on development projects. But since it’s more of a startup, you can work closely with the team and also get to know about the work being done in other projects. Overall, there is a great learning atmosphere. If you’re willing to go for it, build a strong resume, present your work in the right way and get it proofread by your seniors and friends. As for the interview, prepare well about the things you’ve mentioned in your resume, your projects or earlier internships and be confident. Also, a good command over coding would definitely give you an edge.