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Mr. Admin walks into the room with a black monkey-mask on. Our first instinct is that we are going to be mugged, but we realise that no one has any usable money left. He takes a seat and crosses his legs.

Despite being over a century old, Roorkee falls behind a few early birds when it comes to placements and loses its preference in that respect. It is also believed that the seclusion of IITR from the urban civilization, contrary to that of Bombay and Madras, and the consequent difficulty in transport and lack of accommodation facilities outside the campus could also be a part of the problem. The gospel that ‘R comes behind B, D, and K’ expands into a non-alphabetical regime of non-core placements, making it the ruby in the rubble. Watch Out! delves into the student perspective of placements, the current scenario and the effort it takes to land your dream job in your dream company.


In conversation with the Director, IIT Roorkee