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Mid-Tenure Evaluation Outline : SAC 2017-18

December 4, 2017

The Mid-Tenure Evaluation of the Students’ Affairs Council includes an objective assessment of the pre-election commitments by the representatives in their manifestos, thereby helping the student community of IIT Roorkee keep a track of how they have progressed over the last semester. Through conversations with the representatives themselves, and taking feedback from the students, Watch Out has classified the promises made in the manifestos into four exhaustive categories, delineated hereon.

1) Completed: This section includes the points in the manifestos that have been executed and effectuated over the last semester by the responsible General Secretary, and are running fairly successfully.

2) In Progress: The commitments that have been put into action by the representatives by either passing the necessary regulations and obtaining the permissions through the relevant administrative committees, or by setting up trial runs over the last semester, are included in this category. These are expected to be completed over the next semester, or in the recent future, as the case may be.

3) Unsuccessful/Need Reassessment: These are the resolutions that have been implemented, but have not run as well as expected by the student community. These points invite a more thoughtful consideration by the relevant General Secretary, so as to ensure a more efficient solution to the problems they were trying to solve.

4) Uncommenced: This includes all the points that haven’t been initiated yet in the institute.

An additional section, titled ‘Approval Ratings’, aims to empirically measure how the sentiments of the voters lie in favour of the current SAC representatives. Moreover, suggestions shared through an anonymous feedback form shall be shared with the General Secretaries, in order to help them incorporate these into their plans for the Spring Semester.

The Mid-Tenure Evaluation, which shall be published on our Facebook page, serves as a foundation to a more robust review that Watch Out shall be conducting over the next semester, as the elected representatives conclude their term. Suggestions from the student community of the institute regarding the same are highly appreciated.