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IIT Roorkee revokes mass expulsion

August 4, 2015

The IIT Roorkee administration, on Monday (3/8/2015) decided to revoke the expulsion of 72 students from the institute. The decision was taken after significant concerns were raised over practicality and the criteria used to suspend such a significant number of students after they had spent just a single year on campus.

Earlier this year, the institute had approved the debarring of the students on the grounds that they had obtained a CGPA of less than 5.00 at the end of their first year. This had sparked a furore amongst the student community, which protested under the slogan “Take Them Back”. There has, however, been no comment from the admin regarding the rescission of the rule pertaining to the CGPA cap.

The students have been asked to return to the campus by the 10th of August. They will face a year back and be put on academic probation for a period of one year.