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4th Students' Senate Meeting

August 20, 2017
Venue : Senate Hall, IIT Roorkee
Date : 18th August 2017
Time : 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Members of SAC

G.S. Alumni Affairs : Mr. Manik Verma (Convener)
G.S. Cultural Affairs : Mr. Prajwal Bhatt
G.S. Hostel Affairs : Mr. Sambhav Anand Jain
G.S. Academic Affairs UG : Mr. Saksham Agrawal
G.S. Technical Affairs : Mr. Punit Dhoot
G.S. Academic Affairs PG : Mr. Rajesh Vishwakarma
G.S. Sports Affairs : Mr. Shubham Vij

The meeting was attended by a total of 62 senators. Mr. Manik Verma welcomes the Members of the Students’ Senate.

Item No. 4.1

To report the senate of the following:

1) Bhawan Day Policy restructured - Bhawan Days to be celebrated throughout the year on festive occasions.

2) Night Canteens - Canteen running all night to be started by 20th August on a pilot run at Rajiv Bhawan and will be expanded throughout the campus if successful.

3) Privatization - Final stage interview to be taken and contracts to be assigned. Starting with 5 Bhawans namely RKB, Rajiv, Ganga, Cautley and Sarojini.

4) Appetizer launch - A mobile app for the smoother functioning of mess and bhawan facilities is ready and is planned to get launched by 1st September. It will be on a pilot run in 2 of the messes and will be expanded to the whole campus very soon.

5) RKB-Ganga Mess Separation - Work for construction of a separate Ganga Bhawan Mess has been started.

Presented by Mr. Sambhav Jain

  1. Bhawan Day Policy restructured:
    • Bhawan Days, celebrated earlier in the last 2 months of the 2nd Semester, to now be spread over the year
    • PG Bhawans to be allowed to celebrate their Bhawan Days in the Mid -Semester Break
    • A maximum of 2 Bhawan Days to be allowed per month
    • Felicitation Ceremony to be held at the end of the academic year
  2. Night Canteens:
    • Pilot run to be conducted at Rajiv Bhawan
    • To be introduced throughout the campus
    • Canteens to start at 3:30pm and to run till 6am
    • Canteen staff to work in 2 shifts
  3. Privatization of Mess:
    • 2 vendors finalised for implementation
    • To be started at 5 messes - RKB, Rajiv, Ganga, Cautley and Sarojini
    • To be incrementally expanded by 2019 as CCB workers retire
  4. Appetizer:
    • Developed by MDG
    • Meant for smoother functioning of mess facilities
    • No structure currently in place for students to claim rebate, only 24 days of rebate were initially allowed; to be increased to 105 meals
    • Rebates to be given in real-time upon application being submitted 12 hours in advance
    • Cooperation requested from Bhawan Councils to identify students via Biometric means to implement the aforementioned system
  5. Separation of RKB and Ganga mess:
    • Construction started in second part of Cautley Bhawan Mess with separate kitchen and dining areas; completion expected by the end of the year
  6. Miscellaneous remarks:
    • Night tea vendor at Cautley Bhawan accessible only by boys
    • Feasibility of Night Canteens will be reviewed through pilot run

Item No. 4.2

To consider request to recognise IAC as a functional body of SAC. It will work directly under Dean of Academics Affairs.

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. History:
    • Present in sister IITs
    • Worked under the leadership of Sankalp Asawa in the last academic year as a pilot project (informally)
    • Aims to communicate information to, and address grievances of all departments, and present them to the Dean of Academic Affairs
  2. Constitution:
    • Prepared and Drafted
    • Copy given to Watch Out! to be made public through their channels
    • One copy to be approved by the Convener and to be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for their approval

Item 4.3

To remove Gardening, Philately and Numismatics as proficiency as the sections have been closed. Students already enrolled in these should be allowed to re-register for a new proficiency.

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. Current Scenario:
    • Gardening, Philately and Numismatics Section closed during the restructuring of the DOSW office but still exist as proficiencies
  2. Steps:
    • Proposal to restructure the constitution to remove these proficiencies
    • Students with these proficiencies can register again after the proposal has been approved

Item 4.4

To consider the request for introducing printing facility in Library

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Suggestion invited for the identification of more places for the installation of printing facilities within the campus

Item 4.5

To consider the request to increase no. of sockets for laptop charging at library.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. To be presented as an agenda point of the SAC to Dean of Administration

Item 4.6

To consider international student representation in senate.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Suggestion invited to include international students in the daily activities of the institute

  2. Representation to be given to international students in the senate

  3. Ganga, Kasturba and Rajiv councils requested to put forward suggestions for the same and give a report of the steps taken by the

  4. Ganga:
    • Sufficient participation by the said students in Bhawan activities when personally informed
    • Inadequate participation of international students in Institute activities and events due to lack of information fueled by large communication and language gaps
    • Setting up a council which will collect their contact information and disseminate information in their own language was suggested
  5. Use of Soft Skills Program to reduce communication gaps suggested

  6. Bhawan Cultural Secretaries requested to make sure that information about Institute-level activities reaches the said parties

  7. Zero participation seen in the recent workshops conducted by the Institute and suggestions invited for the same

  8. Rajiv:
    • Appointment of a representative among the international students in every Bhawan suggested to channelise communication
  9. Kasturba:
    • Voting rights in Bhawan and Institute elections requested
  10. Announcement of agenda on Bhawan Day suggested, considering that presence of international students is high on such days

  11. A SMP focussed on international students suggested

  12. Time slot separation in Sections suggested for PG/International students to increase participation; dismissed succinctly due to its counter-intuitiveness

  13. Cultural Secretaries of respective Bhawans requested to disseminate appropriate information to the said parties about the various Institute activities

  14. Written proposals requested from Bhawans having high international students population by 24th August

  15. Inclusion of students having a knowledge of different languages to channelise information to international students suggested; written proposal requested for the same by 25th August

  16. Establishment of a portal to collect information about international students on the day of registration suggested

  17. Representation of the native culture by international students on Bhawan Days suggested; Rajiv and Kasturba Bhawans requested to implement the same in their Bhawan Days

  18. Information regarding eligibility of PG students for selection in Sections requested by a Member of the Senate; informed that PG students are unwilling to do the requisite back-end work leading to drop-outs from Sections in the 1st Semester, PG students willing to do the work will be recruited by the Sections

  19. Monthly events for international students to showcase their native cultures suggested; summarily dismissed as it cannot be incorporated into the prevalent system

Item No. 4.7

To consider request for a public cycle sharing system at IIT Roorkee. An adhoc comprising of elected and nominated students will propose feasibility and budget for the same. It will be launched in stages. 1st stage shall comprise of 50 bicycles.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Idea:
    • Present in sister Institutions
    • Cycles to be painted in separate distinctive colour
    • 2 cycles stands-one at MAC and one at MGCL-proposed
    • Pilot run with 50 cycles
    • Cycles can be issued by all students
    • Entry of cycles not allowed in Bhawans and restriction of their exit from the Campus
    • Cycles can be parked only at the aforementioned stands
    • Constitution of a Standing Committee proposed for the same to discuss the security issues, the feasibility and the budget
    • Maintenance Secretaries-2 of all Bhawans nominated to the said committee and requested to come to a conclusion by 28th August and prepare recommendations to be submitted to the DOSW
  2. Suggestion requested for the same
    • Issue of feasibility raised by a Member of the Senate citing that ideas such as RFID cards have not been implemented yet; SAC assured that the DOSW has requested for a budget and a proposal
    • RFID cards have been ordered for all 1st Year students (approx. 2000 ); to be ordered for other years eventually
    • Responsibility to ensure the restriction of the movement of such cycles to be given to the Security Guards; stray cycles to be picked up and returned to the stands
    • Proposal to present the above idea to members of the SAC Discussion Forum to brainstorm and identify flaws
    • Technological solution for the identification of location of cycles suggested; SAC proposed the addition of such solutions after the implementation of the system as a long term goal

Item No. 4.8

To consider usage of Multi-Activity Room (MAC 4th Floor) - The room can be constructively used by various groups as increasing number of sections require space to function their activities.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Suggestion to be introduced as an agenda of the Students’ Senate to the Dean of Administration

Item No. 4.9

To consider construction of Girls Washrooms in each of the Bhawans. A girls/common washroom to be constructed near the common area such as visitors room/canteens/entrances etc. in every bhawan.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Bhawan Councils requested to come up with proposals for the same by 25th August

Item No. 4.10

To consider removal of Gate Pass system for the girl students. Currently the girl students need to generate a gate pass signed by the asst. warden for the exit from the campus after 12 AM which is quite redundant.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. System to be removed due to its redundancy

Item No. 4.11

To consider centralized structure for the washing facilities in each of the Bhawans. Every bhawan should deduct Rs. 200 per student per semester for providing the washing facilities with an attendant without any extra cost. Timings of each bhawan for the same service may vary according to convenience.

Presented by Mr. Sambhav Jain

  1. Idea:
    • Majority of Bhawans already functioning in the proposed way, others charge extra cost per bucket
    • Policy to be centralized and made available to every student
    • Plan to add ironing facilities to reduce student dependency on Dhobis
  2. Issue of slow work in the establishment of laundry rooms in RKB raised by the Member; looping in of General Secretary(Hostel Affairs) suggested for the same

  3. Issue of difficulty in conducting Bhawan activities due to dissent by the hostel authorities: raised by SAC upon complaint of the Councillors; Councillors suggested to raise such issues with the General Secretary(Hostel Affairs)

  4. Roll back to Item No 4.10:
    • Female Bhawan Councillors requested to suggest alternatives to the current system to ensure security of female students in the campus
  5. Issue of clash of timings of washing facilities with classes raised; SAC suggested that timings be moderated by Bhawan Councils in association with the Chief Wardens according to the convenience of the residents

  6. Cross-Bhawan washing facility use suggested; summarily dismissed due to feasibility issues with regards to adjustment in CCB accounts and time extension suggested at the Bhawan level

  7. Query regarding the mandatoriness of the payment of the requisite fee raised as students still avail external washermen facilities; SAC proposed making the fee mandatory as the restriction in the movement is required due to security concerns. Funds to be deducted from CCB accounts and Bhawans unwilling to implement can raise their issues.

  8. Ganga Bhawan Councillors raised the issue of Rs. 200 being too less to pay the staff for the facilities in Bhawans having less students; point noted by the SAC

  9. SAC proposed that all steps of the washing process will be taken care of by the recruited washermen to reduce inconvenience for the students

  10. Vote called on the agenda point - passed by the Students’ Senate

  11. Pilot run suggested; SAC informed that the point had been included after the feedback of a pilot run with 80% people being in favour

  12. Security checks on external washermen suggested; dismissed citing viability of such checks

  13. Vote called again - passed by Students’ Senate

  14. Query as to identification of appropriate authority to appoint staff raised by a Member; SAC proposed the deduction of funds from CCB account and handing them over to the Bhawan Council to be used to pay the staff

  15. Roll back to Item No. 4.10:
    • Female Bhawan Councillors suggested that the Bhawan Registers can have carbon foils to make duplicate copies of the entry to be submitted by the student at the Institute exits; point noted
    • SAC proposed the extension of some system to allow female students to leave campus after 12 a.m.
    • Female Bhawan Councillors asked whether they are willing to comply with the new proposal of allowing movement outside the campus after 12 a.m.
    • Register to maintain records proposed at Main Gate for a trial run on the lines of the current system being followed for male students; no requirement at Bhawan level

Item Nos. 4.12 and 4.13

To consider installation of Wifi-Routers in the common areas of each Bhawan - For the bhawans without the Wifi routers in the common areas like visitors room, TV room, Canteen, etc. Installation of the same will be mandatory. To consider installation of CCTV cameras in each bhawan - For keeping a check on the security, each bhawan must have CCTV cameras installed at the entrance and the security’s reception area. For the bhawans without this facility, it will be made mandatory.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Proposals requested from Bhawan Councils of those Bhawans currently lacking these facilities for the identification of places for the installation of the same

  2. Increase in the quality of Wifi Routers at LHC suggested; TPO and ICC being looped in for the same by identification of places to install routers and conducting stress tests

  3. Wifi not available in RKB hostels, timeline requested for the same; SAC proposed the initial installation of routers at common places as the Bhawans have LAN facilities

Item No. 4.14

To consider the request to obtain the No Dues certificate Online. It takes a lot of effort to collect no dues from different places. It would be better if we can have an Online portal for the same.

Presented by Mr. Punit Dhoot

  1. Current Scenario:
    • Students have to collect a large number of No-dues certificates to get the degree
    • SAC proposes to make the system online with the stakeholders uploading the lists with the amount and payments can be made online
    • IMG to be looped in to monitor the entire system and a common certificate to be printed for all places
  2. Implementation of the system for all types of certificates proposed; to be discussed in the next meeting

  3. Proposal to make the system central; can be extended to the departments

  4. Implementation of the system to Library Card Renewal Process proposed

  5. Idea of online registration of new students: implementation proposed by the end of next semester by IMG

Item No. 4.15

To consider the request for Security System development project. Building a security system in collaboration with the Information Management Group and ArIES. There is a need to address infrastructure issues on institute gates.

Presented by Mr. Punit Dhoot

  1. Current Scenario:
    • Portal has been built by IMG which can replace the current system of stickers and paper-pen registrations at the entries through car number detection by image processing
    • Electric infrastructure to be established. Security Guards have been trained for the same
  2. System being followed at IITB can be implemented to allow entry of visitors of residents of campus. System consists of tokens with timestamps to identify visitors and the students. Can also be used to identify defaulters who don’t carry IDs. Proposal submission requested for the same for the consideration of the SAC.

  3. System being followed at IITK of taking photographs of drivers also suggested. Tokens can be used along with valid IDs; to be discussed in the next meeting.

  4. Change in point 2 suggested which will consist of matching entries in a computer to make system smooth and convenient and prevent dependence on timestamps. Bar codes can also be used

  5. Details to be discussed in depth later

  6. Guests of residents of the societies form a major part. Pass system can be used for identifying such guests.

  7. Issue of outsiders in the campus in the morning raised by a Member; porosity cannot be reduced drastically, therefore, security checks to be improved at Bhawans

  8. Proposal to close the barriers at Main Gate to be opened only upon registration

  9. Security Guards to be kept in check; issue at top-priority with DOSW

Item No. 4.16

To follow up on the eligibility of IDD/IMT students to register for minors

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. To be pushed forward with greater force

Item No. 4.17

To consider the request for making the professor feedback online.

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. Current Scenario:
    • Feedback remains with the professor and the HOD
    • No use as such of the reviews
  2. Suggestion to make the data public so that it can be used by the students while choosing electives

  3. Parameters and questions to be changed for reviews to maintain objectivity and prevent biases; suggestions for parameters requested

  4. Steps to be taken based on such reviews questioned by a Member; dismissed as not highly relevant to the current agenda point and can be looked at later

  5. Suggestions invited to increase the credibility of the reviews

  6. Non-compulsory reviews suggested at the end of MTEs based on remarks to facilitate a continuous improvement process

  7. Inclusion of Lab Reviews in the same suggested; noted and approved

  8. Judgement based general satisfaction of the entire class suggested

  9. Open form for the submission of questions after some thought suggested; approved

  10. Issue of improper marking in certain subjects raised; solutions implemented by the Institute in the form of a software and students advised to raise the issue in front of Dean of Academic Affairs in case of discrepancy

  11. Opening of minor suggestions proposed for the entire year; reduced to an increased number to make the system feasible

  12. Proposal to be eventually put forward by the SAC consisting of the questions to be included in the review

Item No. 4.18

To consider the request for increase in the number of branch changes for the first year students to at least 7%.

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. Goal to eventually increase it to 10% proposed by the SAC

  2. Increase to be proposed to Dean of Academic Affairs

  3. Upper limit proposal rejected

Item No. 4.19

To consider the request to remove reservation in book allotment procedure of Library.

On-spot Agenda:

To consider the request to remove reservation in branch change

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. Neither of the two followed in any sister-IIT

  2. Books to be given on a first-come first-served basis

  3. Empty category seats to be opened for all during branch change

  4. Proposal to not discuss topics related to reservation in the Students’ Senate suggested

  5. Agenda point to be proposed in Faculty Senate

Item No. 4.20

To consider the request to decrease the fee for bona fide, transcripts, provisional degree and copy of grade sheet.

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. Huge increase in rates in recent years
  2. Current Rates:
    Bonafide Certificate : Rs.100
    Transcripts : Rs. 2500
    Copy of Grade Sheet : Rs. 1000
  3. Reduction to be proposed in the Faculty Senate
  4. Proposed Rates:
    Bonafide Certificate : Rs.30
    Transcripts : Rs. 1000 + postal charges
    Copy of Grade Sheet : Rs. 100
  5. Roll back to Item 4.19:
    • Vote called - passed
    • Option to be given to the students to have reservation in only one of the two things; summarily dismissed as the two topics are to be considered different
    • Committee having proportional representation of the various categories proposed; approved by the SAC
    • To be taken to Faculty Senate for consideration

Item No. 4.21

To consider the request to organize certified mini courses in the mid-semester break.

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

  1. Courses can be core as well as non-core

  2. Fees structure of the course requested by a Member; SAC clarified that the courses would be free

  3. Courses would be organised by IITR faculty

  4. Proposal to include Groups and Section organised courses suggested; noted but concerns raised as to the authenticity of the certificates

  5. Concerns regarding eligibility criteria raised; to be thought upon by the SAC

  6. Number of seats to be limited

  7. Open for all years except 1st Year

  8. Funds to be paid from the Student Activities’ Fund

  9. Removal of certificates from short courses proposed; dismissed citing the example of crash courses giving certificates to students

  10. Proposal to make the course content available online with online tests to be conducted before the awarding of certificates(along the lines of edX and Coursera), courses can then be followed by the students throughout the year and not necessarily during the break; to be thought upon by the SAC

  11. Expert staff can be invited to hold lectures for the courses which can’t be taken up by IITR faculty; to be figured out eventually by the SAC

Item No. 4.22

To consider the request for introduction of Bug Bounty program to report vulnerabilities in campus websites. To allow students to perform security analysis of campus websites, under certain guidelines. The reward for a vulnerability to be decided by a committee formed by General Secretary, Technical Affairs based on the severity of the vulnerability

Presented by Mr. Punit Dhoot

  1. Has been implemented in IIT Guwahati

  2. Incentive to report bugs in the site and make sites secure

Item No. 4.23

To discuss procedure to form Rajendra Bhawan council.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Expert Panel for selection of students for the RJB Council having representation from DOSW as well as SAC along with the Chief Warden suggested by the SAC

  2. Counterpoint presented supporting the conduction of election in RJB as election provide incentives to the Council to do work; SAC clarified that it supports the conduction of election but they can be held only after MTEs due to the plethora of activities and it would be lead to a hindrance in the activities of the Institute

  3. SAC clarifies that an immediate formation of Bhawan Council is required

  4. Representation of 1st Year girls in Sarojini Bhawan Council and other committees proposed

  5. Vote called - Against nominations - 14, With nominations - clear majority, resolution passed with 77% students in favour of nominations.

On-spot Agendas:

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

To consider the request of student representation in the committee responsible for revision of rules to be followed in case of use of unfair means in examinations

  1. Need to change the rules highlighted

  2. Formed Committee has no student representation

On-spot Agenda:

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

To consider the request to extend the timings of dinner beyond 9pm as NSO students have NSO activities till 9pm leading to skipping of meals by such students

  1. Extension till 9:30pm proposed for the sports community

  2. Delay in the opening of messes for dinner proposed; approved by the SAC

  3. Issue of lower flexibility in timings with the introduction of private messes raised by a member; SAC assured that the timings of private messes is 7:30-9:30pm and only 3 more private messes would be introduced by 2019

On-spot Agenda:

Presented by Mr. Saksham Agrawal

To consider the request to allow proficiency change after 2nd Year as well

  1. Current rules force students to continue with their 2nd Year proficiencies in the subsequent years

  2. Allowing a change after 2nd Year proposed

Item No. 4.24

Report to the senate-Review of the Bhawan Councils - Every elected bhawan representative will be reviewed twice in every semester (after mid sem and end sem). They need to submit a report on the works done by them and the meetings at the end of each month which will be made public with the attendance. If review is below a certain level, then the same will be reflected on their certificate.

Presented by Mr. Manik Verma

  1. Reports will be made available on the SAC website

  2. Results will reflect on the certificates to be issued

  3. Change suggested to make Members submit reviews at the end of MTEs and ETEs i.e twice each semester

  4. The reports, along with the attendance of the attendance of the Students’ Senate as well as Bhawan Meetings to be made public on the SAC website

  5. Watch Out News Agency to conduct reviews of the work of the General Secretaries on a mid-term as well as an end-term basis

  6. Manifestos of all Members to be published online

  7. Reports to be submitted at the end of every month with regular reviews and warnings

  8. Committee to be set up to introduce quantitative marking rather than qualitative remarks for the Members

  9. Chief Wardens and Wardens to be included in the committee

  10. Agenda point put forward to establish a database for future Students’ Senates and SACs

Mr. Manik Verma clarifies that some of the grievances received through Google Form have been addressed and some are in the pipeline.

Questions received through the Live Broadcast:

Question 1:


  1. The lack of agenda points concerning the Institute Sports Council and other sports matters

  2. Provision of healthy snacks and meals to those who are supposed to represent the Institute in Inter-IIT and other events

  3. Update on provision to establish sports alumni connect

  4. Idea behind sport workshops - to introduce students to the basics of a sport in the initial run

Skipped due to the absence of General Secretary (Sports Affairs)

Question 2:

The tenders in both the canteens and public places are decided by the ADOSWs and the Chief Wardens. They seldom use these facilities. Can the job be given to the SAC instead?


SAC is now involved in all committees from this year and this has been made sure by the Director. The system is already in place.

Question 3:

RFID cards should be integrated with mess attendance so that remaining mess fees can be reimbursed if a student misses a meal. Information regarding other places where these cards can be integrated


In the meeting with ADOSW, it was decided that initially the system will be dependent on biometric attendance but it is a long term goal to integrate RFID cards with a majority of facilities. Proposed places are MGCL, Academic Sections, Intitute Gates.

Question 4:

Can a password reset button be made available in the IITR webmail?


The matter will be looked into.

Question 5:

Why does a centrally funded institute not cater to the needs of non-vegetarian students? Why do the students have to pay for non-vegetarian food brought from outside? Why is a non-vegetarian mess absent?


Non-vegetarian food is costlier than vegetarian food and it cannot be expected that the non-vegetarian students will be served food at the same amount. It cannot be provided free of cost. However, an effort is being made to increase the facilities and non-vegetarian food can be made available on a coupon basis.

Question 6:

With reference to the events at Azad Bhawan, are the current security guards competent enough to handle such matters?


The SAC acknowledges that there are certain events now and then but it has been emphasized time and again. Security measures at Bhawan level will be improved. Porosity decreasing measures will also put into place. Resolution to be designed in the coming weeks to improve Bhawan security. It is also the responsibility of students to cooperate by carrying ID cards and furnish them whenever asked.